7 Wide-Ranging Applications of COLORBOND Australia

7 Wide-Ranging Applications of COLORBOND Australia


COLORBOND Australia, one of the country’s most preferred choice of steel, finds application in a number of different situations. In this post, we take a look at some of those situations, inspiring you to order from your friendly COLORBOND supplier and put it to use for your very own purpose!

Roofing with COLORBOND Australia

COLORBOND finds wide application in roofing for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is offered in many different colours – 22 at last count, which gives end consumers a wide selection to choose from. They can even mix and match these colours on their property to add an extra touch of vibrancy. Further, with many of these colours acting as thermal agents that keep your property cooler on hot days, they serve as an added incentive to opt for COLORBOND steel.

COLORBOND Australia Fencing

As with roofing, fencing options with COLORBOND also come in a dazzling array of colours, 14 of them in this case. Naturally, colour coordinating with your property and its overall style and design becomes a lot easier! Moreover, a big advantage of COLORBOND fencing is its resistance to fire, especially given the way our country is prone to bushfires. Finally, with very little maintenance required, COLORBOND fencing offers unparalleled peace of mind.

Water Tanks

Water tanks serve as an excellent way to store water, especially in unpredictable times when water supply gets limited. In this context, we commonly find AQUAPLATE steel water tanks from COLORBOND suppliers. These are unique water tanks with a special food-grade polymer film lining on the inside. With the help of these distinctive water tanks, not only can you store water whenever it gets scarce, you can also harvest rainwater and contribute towards conservation efforts.

COLORBOND Australia Garage Doors

In the case of garage doors, COLORBOND offers many advantages – and is therefore strongly preferred for them. Firstly, the colour factor again comes into play here – with 22 colour choices, there is a lot to choose from. One can easily mix and match colours on the property, with garage doors possibly having their own unique shade of colour, to give it an unmatched style and design of its own.

The durability factor is also pertinent here; garage doors are particularly expected to be strong and resilient to any natural or manmade interjections; COLORBOND steel garage doors prove to be exactly that.

Finally, since the principle of “one size fits all” definitely does not apply to garage doors, COLORBOND garage doors come in various sizes and designs such as Roller, Tilt or Sectional among others.

COLORBOND Australia Wall Cladding

Wall cladding made of COLORBOND steel tends to be far more durable as opposed to others. Moreover, yet again the colour factor comes into play. In this case, it is not just the 22 colours mentioned previously; there are 5 additional colours in the Matte range which are also offered for wall cladding. COLORBOND steel wall cladding also tends to be low maintenance, adding an extra element of quietude to property owners.

COLORBOND Australia Sheds

In the case of sheds, a big advantage of COLORBOND steel is the fact that there are many prefabricated options to choose from. No matter how big (or small!) a shed you may be looking for, it can be set up quickly, thanks to these prefabricated choices. Colour coordination can also be done at the time you finalize your purchase with the concerned COLORBOND supplier, ensuring you get exactly what you want with minimal effort.

Fascia, Downpipes and Gutter

COLORBOND steel ensures that the fascia, downpipes and gutter on your property remain in pristine condition and function seamlessly over an extended period of time. Again, as with some of the other applications mentioned above, colours come into the picture yet again since these items are also available in all 22 colours. This in turn means that you can colour coordinate to your heart’s content. Moreover, corrosion resistance is easy thanks to BlueScope’s Activate technology.


So as you can clearly see, COLORBOND Australia finds extensive application across a wide variety of situations. In fact, if we look at the overall structural requirement of any property, COLORBOND fulfils most of them.

That is the reason COLORBOND has been extensively deployed in homes and other properties across Australia. Standalone homes in the suburbs are especially witnessing a boom in COLORBOND deployment.

For your own COLORBOND needs, feel free to contact your local COLORBOND supplier who will ensure that your requirement is fulfilled without a hitch to exacting standards.


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