Digital marketing mistakes to avoid in 2019

Digital marketing mistakes to avoid in 2019

It can sometimes feel like it is hard to keep up when it comes to the world of Digital Marketing. With the evolvement of social media, it is only natural for digital marketing to constantly progress. Therefore, it is vital that we as digital marketers are staying ahead of the game and are constantly reviewing our methods to avoid being left behind. Stay ahead of the digital marketing game and avoid the following mistakes:

Insufficient Planning

It is crucial that you have concrete understanding on who your target audience is. You need to conduct thorough research which enables you to know every possible detail about them. This will allow you to think as your audience and truly understand their needs and desires.

Lack of Video Content

Videos are pathing the way through 2019 and are leading the game. Join the video marketing bandwagon now as it is taking off. The trend has already started though, so to stand out you will need to think outside the square. What can you create that your competitors are missing out on? Need some ideas? Take a look at SEO Services Singapore suggestions.  

Prioritising New Customers Over Old

Existing customers are just as important, if not more important, than new potential customers. This is a common mistake that marketers often make as they are so focussed on building the business, but what about the customers that are already supporting the business? Without those existing customers, there would be no business. When you are creating new content or creating a new marketing strategy, create a tailored one that highlights your existing customers to keep them happy. And don’t forget, it may also result in new customers through referrals.

Social Media Comments

Social Media is one of, if not the most important marketing platform that businesses need to manage. Many consumers turn to social media platforms these days to look at products, reviews and to judge what other people are saying about the brand. If a company is constantly deleting comments or is replying in a derogative manner, it will instantly turn potential customers away from the brand. Treat social media as one of your major responsibilities as it will just continue to grow, so monitor and look after it now before it spirals out of control.


Analytics are like a secret handbook to how your social presence and digital marketing efforts are performing. Don’t underestimate them. Revise up on your key metrics and monitor them as you go so you can make appropriate changes to your strategy when need be.

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