Tips from Electricians in Devonport: 5 Mistakes to Avoid when upgrading your lighting

Tips from Electricians in Devonport: 5 Mistakes to Avoid when upgrading your lighting

Although upgrading your lights seem like a pretty easy task, some of it can take a bit of thinking. Factors such as light distribution, brightness, colours and warranty are a few considerations to keep in mind when you’re upgrading your home lighting. Ensure that your upgrade is as seamless as possible with these 5 mistakes to avoid!

Think about light distribution

Probably one of the most common mistakes people make is ignoring the distribution of light in accordance with the bulb and the light shade. Varying bulbs have different distributions of light such as the radius of light spill and downlight effect. For instance, if you replace halogen style lights with LED lights, you will miss out on the purposeful light spill. These are strategically fitted in hallways, staircases and hotel corridors. Switching to LED will mute the effect

Warm vs cool

Lights have degrees and warmth and not taking this into consideration can affect the overall aesthetic and temperature of the room. Certain manufacturers and types of lights have different temperatures. For instance, certain Asian manufacuteres tend to produce LED lights with a cooler temperature in line with preferences within those areas. In order to avoid buying lights with various temperatures, keep in mind the Kelvin of the lights currently in use. Kelvin is the measurement used to identify the warmth (or coolness) of a light. As a point of reference, the higher the Kelvin measure, the cooler the temperature and vice versa. 

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Purpose of lights

Another common mistake most people make is forgetting the purpose and use of each light when switching to LED lights. For instance, certain LED lights are best used in task-heavy areas such as a desk whilst some are better suited to provide ambient lighting (low-wall fittings). Identify the purpose of each light placement and make a decision accordingly. 

Not matching the dimmer to the light

Most often, people buy lights without considering the dimmer associated with the bulb. Certain LED lights may not work well with dimmers as halogen and incandescent lights might. LED lights may flicker or stop working altogether at lower dim settings because of the incompatibility. Ensure that your dimmer is compatible with LED lights to avoid extra costs.

Not comparing costs

Although this is not directly related to the functionality of the bulb, it’s important to compare LED light costs. Although LEDs have a multitude of long term benefits, a little bit of research can help you find good deals. LEDs can add up to be an expensive investment but strategic research and a bit of looking around can help you find a competitive price. 

Hire the best in class electrician Devonport for your LED lighting installation

Upgrading your lights is an inevitable process. Whether you’re making the switch to LED for the long term benefits or simply replacing a single light bulb, there are few factors to consider to avoid extra costs. If you’re looking to upgrade your lights, whether at home or office or in an industrial space, get the expert opinion and help of Nothern Lights Devonport, your leading electrician in Devonport. With over 20 years of experience, they can help you with LED lighting installation Devonport

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