How to transfer data across from your old phone to your new phone

How to transfer data across from your old phone to your new phone

One of the downsides that comes in tow with the exciting (and these days expensive) purchase of a brand new phone is that fact that it means you have to transfer all of your existing data across and erase the old phone back to factory settings. In saying that though, the process has become almost seamless which saves a lot of stress and heartache. Learn how to transfer data across your old phone to your new phone in a matter of minutes!

iPhone to iPhone 

  • Place your new phone next to your old phone (both turned on)
  • A setting should appear which will offer you the option to transfer your data across
  • Wait for the process to complete and you are done. To download a back-up, connect your phone to iTunes and sync your phone 


  • Connect your old phone to iTunes and commence a back-up 
  • Once the back-up has been completed, connect your new phone and complete the ‘set up a phone’ process. You will get to a screen that says ‘Set up this phone as a new phone or select a back-up’
  • This is where you will select the back-up that was just done with your old phone. Once the back-up has been downloaded onto your new phone, it will be ready to go. 

Android to iPhone 

  • Set up your new phone however after you select the location and language on the iPhone, opt for the ‘set up manually’ process rather than ‘quick start’. 
  • Connect to the Wi-Fi and set up a password / face recognition if you wish to do so
  • Next you will be asked if you want to use the phone as a new phone or migrate data across. Select the move data option and select ‘android’ and continue. A six to 10 digital code will appear.
  • On your android phone, go to the Google Play Store and download the app ‘Move to iOS’. Once you have downloaded and opened the app, a screen will appear which will allow you to copy the code from earlier. 
  • From here the phones will automatically pair and the app will ask you which data you want to be transferred across. Once you have selected the appropriate data, the phones will sync.
  • From here all you need to do is continue setting up your iPhone and the process will be completed. 

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