Reducing Eye Puffiness and Dark Circles

Eye puffiness and outer dark circles surrounding the eye area are very common issues and can be addressed through eye creams or serums, but if you’re looking for a natural and cheaper alternative then you’ve come to the right place.

Eye Serums

Eye serums and creams are defiantly the best solution for reducing puffiness and dark circles, you can find these products under most skincare brands. Eye serums and creams are scientifically designed to work with sensitive skin, making them the safest and quickest solution. Eye serums and creams that are used together often generate the best results.  

A few DIY tricks for reducing eye puffiness and dark circles without irritating your eyes are suggested below.

Coffee cubes

Freezing coffee into cubes is an easy DIY trick, the ice-cold coffee stimulates circulation when it is applied to the eye area reducing swelling, moving bloody vessels and freshening the surface area.

Green tea bags

Place a green tea bag in cold water and then apply it on your eye surface area, the green tea reduces inflammation of the eye.

Vitamin tablets

There is a large variety of vitamins you can take to reduce eye puffiness or dark circles, these include vitamin E and vitamin K.  


Another kitchen ingredient to use is coconut oil, gently apply it directly to the puffiness or dark area and it will improve moisture and eliminate any fine lines. It is also useful to gently apply olive oil to the eye area for moisture and hydration.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can also be applied to your under-eye area for reducing puffiness, if you carefully break off a piece and apply it directly to the inflamed area the plants vitamins, minerals, and enzymes will directly touch and improve it.

Reducing eye puffiness and dark circles is ultimately done best through using eye serums or creams, visit the Spring Store NZ for the best face serum, anti aging breakthrough and the best skin care regimen.

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