Essential Phone Accessories to take Travelling

The rapid growth in the smartphone industry has changed the way we travel in this day and age. Travelling with a smartphone makes your life a million times easier when you’re in a foreign country, it allows you to travel lighter and reach your destinations smarter. Can you imagine how hard it would be to get around in a foreign country without your smartphone maps? I sometime struggle enough finding my way around in my home country. Travelling with a smartphone is not only a lot easier for you but a lot safer, it allows you to contact whoever you need when you need them and can even allow people to track you to ensure you’re safe.

Travelling with a smartphone is an essential, however have you thought about taking smartphone accessories to make your travelling life even easier? I have made a list of the top 3 important accessories for your next tip, these include:

Life proof case

A damaged or smash phone is literally the last thing you need while travelling. So, save yourself and invest in a life proof phone case that is going to protect your screen and enable it to be water resistant, dirt proof, snow proof and safe from damages when dropped from a large height.

Power bank & Chargers

Since we have become so reliant on our phones there is literally nothing worse than when it goes flat and you have no option to charge it. To avoid this from happening pack a power bank charger in your bag, but don’t forget the charger cord for it because it is hopeless without it (unless you have a wireless one). When you’re purchasing your power bank there is likely to be a variety to choose from, make sure you select the power banks with the best watts as this will provide you with greater phone charges.  

Handheld video stabilizer

A smartphone is also a great way to capture everywhere you have travelled because of the great megapixels they obtain; the quality of camera can be a big decision to make when you’re purchasing a smartphone. However, there is nothing worse than feeling dizzy after re-watching your holiday videos because you can’t stabilise your hand while recording a video. To ensure you can capture clear content pack yourself a handheld video stabiliser.

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