Electrical Tips for your Home

Electricity is a necessity in a home, whether you use it for cooking, heating or cooling, lighting, security, entertainment or anything in between. Being without electricity in your home can cause distress as it is so highly relied upon. I have gathered a few electrical tips for your home to ensure you are optimising electrical accessibility, reliability and safety.  Tips include the following:

Uninterruptible Power Supply Maintenance

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system provides your home with emergency power protection, for in the event the power is unexpectedly cut off. A UPS will protect all of your connected electrical equipment in your home, allowing you to safely turn off your devices when a power fault occurs or safely run electrical equipment when the power is cut off. In your home consists a lot of electrical equipment that can be very expensive having to replace or live without. If the power is unexpectedly switched off it can actually damage electronics connected to the electrical circuit in your home, however, having a UPS eliminates the risk. A UPS will protect all of your equipment and provide accessibility in times of need.

However, having a UPS is simply inefficient and not enough without it having regular maintenance checks. A UPS is not always guaranteed to work; although its chances of working are more likely if you keep up with regular maintenance checks. Your UPS system will require maintenance based on its manufacturers individual standards, providing your home with a reliable and safe UPS. Northern Lights Data are UPS installers specialising in data and power protection management. Northern Lights Data will not only assist you with  UPS installation but they will provide you with ongoing UPS maintenance in your home.

Electrical Maintenance

Electricity in your home is extremely important to sustain a healthy environment. Proving you with the benefits to maximise your health and wellbeing, home electricity is used by billions of people every second. Even when no one is home, your home is still using electricity, whether it be for running your fridge, freezer, lights, home security system or anything requiring constant electricity. If you consider how frequently your home circuit is using electricity and how often you are asleep in your home or the value it obtains you won’t hesitate to ensure your electrical circuit is safe and free from hazards. If your home contains electrical hazards the worst-case scenario is it will cause an electrical fire, which is likely to burn your house down or décor in it as electrical fires require a certain extinguisher to successfully be put out.

An electrical hazard is not limited to but can often ignite from the following hazards in your home, including:

  • Electrical hazards in electrical installations
  • Overloaded equipment or electrical circuit
  • Defective Home DIY electrical systems
  • Lack of earthing or bonding

Keeping up to date with regular home electrical maintenance will ensure your home is operating on a safe electrical circuit and minimise your risk of an electrical fire occurring. The inconvenience that comes with an electrical house fire is simply not worth skipping an electrical maintenance check. Northern Lights are a leading residential electrician Auckland, specialising in Auckland house rewire and data caballing Auckland. Ensure your home is free from electrical hazards occurring with electrical maintenance from the master electricians at Northern Lights.

Electronic Updates & Repairs

With guaranteed electricity provided through your UPS and safe electrical circuits in your home, the only other tip you need is to ensure your electrical goods receive any necessary repairs, to avoid damaging your circuit. If you plug in a hazardous device, appliance or equipment it can damage everything connected to the power circuit. In the event your circuit damages your devices visit The Core, providing apple repairs, Window PC repairs and drone repairs. The Core have over 20 years of experience in iPhone repairs, MacBook repairs and laptop repairs Auckland, so give them a call today!

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