Understanding Common Power Supply Problems

Understanding Common Power Supply Problems

Many businesses rely on the consistency and dependable power supply to protect their data, hardware or server. Regardless of which industry the businesses are in, having reliable power protection is crucial to run businesses these days. Without having a dependable source of power supply can lead to major business interruption issues such as data loss and loss in income. Here we gather some of the common power supply problems that many businesses encounter.

Power sage

Power sage is a temporary duration deduction of voltage or when the power supply is dropped below normal levels. The cause of this problem can be because of the poor circuit design or inadequate power supply which may result in unexpected system crashes, reduces in efficiency, life span of electrical equipment or even data loss. Moreover, power sage typically followed by a power surge, an rapid increase in voltage which may also damage computer components or data.

Power surge

A rapid dramatic increase in voltage level in either a positive or negative direction. The most familiar cause of power surge is lightning. When lightning strikes near the power line, the electrical energy boosts electrical pressure by an enormous number of volts which can cause an extreme power surge.  Other common causes of power surges are poor grounding, and electrostatic discharge which may lead to data loss or computer lock up. 

Voltage Fluctuation 

A regular change in voltage that happens when electronic devices or equipment require high load used. The fluctuation of voltage may cause lights or displays to flicker, in some cases computers fail to start up. This can result in data losing.

One of the possible solutions to prevent voltage fluctuation is to install power conditioners or use power protection solutions like UPS installation.

Interruption (Blackout)

Power outage or blackout is a total loss of power. The cause of blackout can be because of the excessive demand, a spike (sudden increase in voltage), or external factors such as lightning, heavy rain or strong wine that may affect the power line. This may result in loss of productivity and data loss. The most concerning problem is business interruption that may cost additional expenses. 

In conclusion, having a consistent and dependable source of power supply is significantly critical to efficiently operate businesses everywhere. The best solution to prevent any of these problems to happen is to install uninterrupted power supply. Northern Lights Data and Protection’s UPS Systems does not only protect against power outages but also mitigate the risk from unexpected power surges. Their experienced expert team provides UPS installations service as well as power management solutions that best suit their clients business goals. Contact them now for more information on power protection solutions via 0800 177 275 or enquire online.

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