How To Stay Positive While Working From Home

How To Stay Positive While Working From Home

After a few weeks of working from home, a lot of people started to face a bit of struggle. Although it sounds more flexible when you no longer have to wake up as early as before to get ready and commute to your workplace, working from home can be difficult to stay connected with your colleague and feel isolated from the team. Especially during this crisis of coronavirus and social distancing, some people are feeling pessimistic, stressed and some even find themselves being very unproductive and lack concentration when working from home. 

This is new for everyone and not everybody manages to cope with this well. Therefore in this article, we will discuss a few tips that can help you to stay positive and productive while working from home. 

Set Limited Screen Time

Since most of the activities that you do these days, whether it is a team meeting, client’s call or a conference, are significantly dependent on the digital screen, it is crucial to set limited screen time for yourself. Not only can it have an effect on your sights, and physical health but getting off from your screen can provide some time for yourself to clear your mind and relax. So give yourself some screen-off time each day, at least 10-15 minutes, take a walk around the park, meditate, or make yourself some nice healthy lunch.  

Transform Your Home Working Space

While at the office you may have your own desk with all the decoration that keeps you motivated and productive when working, why not do the same at your home? Working from a sofa or dining room might not be a sustainable idea compared to having a proper workspace with a desk, a chair, fresh flowers, or even a backdrop stand that takes away any distraction from what is happening behind while in your Zoom meeting. 

Fresh flowers have more benefits than you could imagine. The researcher found that not only that their vibrant colour can increase productivity and improve the concentration but also by placing them around the house can make people feel more energetic and optimistic throughout the day. Check out Auckland flower delivery service from The Botanist, providing online flower delivery directly to your home. 

Get Dressed

Give it a try and you will not regret it. This is a simple yet powerful way to give you more energy and become more productive. Instead of wearing your pajamas, go ahead and find out what more are inside your wardrobe. Have fun and play around with it. Do your make up if you like. This is a good way to remind your inner self that this is the new day and it is time to get ready for work. 

Stay connected

Even though you are not surrounded by the crowd like in the good old office days, does not mean you can’t stay connected with other people. Give your colleagues a call during lunch or 5-10 minutes chat. Ask how they are doing or just talk about random subjects. This is meaningful and will make all the difference. It is essential to support one another at times like this. 

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