5 Interesting Facts of the Sugar Industry

5 Interesting Facts of the Sugar Industry

The sugar industry is continually growing, as demands continue to rise. As one of the staple ingredients in almost every dish, sugar is a lucrative and promising business opportunity. This has been shown by the trillions of dollars that the world has spent to procure sugar. In this article, we will be discussing five interesting facts of the sugar industry. 

180 Million Metric Tons of Sugar Produced Annually (source)

This amount is equivalent to over 1 million blue whales, 18 million airplanes, or 18 million space shuttles. Imagine how much sugar that amounts to! 

India is the Leading Sugar Consuming Country Worldwide (source)

With most of India’s traditional cuisines requiring sugar in the recipe, there’s no wonder why it is the highest sugar-consuming country in the world. Apart from that, there’s been a governmental push and incentive in sugar production to better the country’s economy. Keep in mind that a huge population of Indians work manual labour, so sugar could be the fastest way for them to regain energy. 

Brazil Exports the Most Sugar Worldwide (source)

In the last fiscal year, Brazil has exported up to 32.5 million tons of sugar. The second largest sugar exporter, Thailand, only contributed to 7.3 million tons of sugar that same year. 

More Than 56 Common Names of Sugar (source)

Sugar itself is procured from different sources and processed in multiple ways. Several sugar sources could be sugar cane, sugar beets, corn syrup, and many more. Not only that but sugar can also be produced via combining different chemicals with each other. 

The Food Nobody Needs, but Everyone Craves (source)

The diet of our great ancestors involved very little sugar. Most of the time, only sugars from fruits and plants are consumed in moderation. However, around 2500 BC in India, the first chemically refined sugar was found. Since then, it has spread to China and the rest of the world. 

What’s Next? 

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